$customElements.registerEntry is used to include the defined entries during development.

This allows you to include the components without a separate import and allows you to test as a custom-elements integration.

The registration is called in created or mounted. After registration it is possible to call the custom-element tags in the template. Only the tags that have been added to the entry are available.

Place the relevant tags in a client-only tag, this is important so that the tag is not resolved in SSR.
Alternatively, SSR can be disabled if possible.

Remember to ignore the specified tags with Vue.config.ignoredElements in Vue. For the local Vue instance the respective tag is unknown.



  • Type: String

Name of custom-element Entry.

The name can be specified in PascalCaseor ParamCase.

e.g. CustomElementExample or custom-element-example.

Learn more about Entry.


      <CustomElementExample />
      <!-- or -->

import Vue from 'vue';

Vue.config.ignoredElements = [

export default {
  created () {
    // or